Building a Community through Service

One of the key obectives of MetaWorld Civil Consulting is to be a major positive influence in our local communities. We don't believe that this can be done through only maintaining a profitable business which contributes money for a cause from time to time. We believe that this can only be achieved by being actively involved.

Our team has done an excellent job of staying actively involved in groups and organizations that help better the lives of people in our local communities. Aside from organizational affiliations, our team is actively involved in other community events such as coaching, mentoring and generally volunteering their spare time.

Our goal is not to build an empire, we aim to build a community.


VCARD Executive Council

Our Managing Principal serves as a member of the Executive Council for the Volusia County Association for Responsible Development (VCARD). VCARD serves both public and private interests when it comes to responsible development, by being actively involved in policy making procedures affecting land development and infrastructure improvements.

As a member of the Executive Council, Amir plays a key role in execution of VCARD initiatives as well as ensuring those initiatives meet the interests of the development community in a responsible manner.

VCARD operates out of the Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce and works together with City and County Officials that are directly involved in the land development process.

So in addition to giving MetaWorld the opportunity to be actively involved in the community, it allows us to build a great rapport with county-wide governing officials and permitting agencies.

To find out more about the VCARD and their activities, please feel free to contact us, or find more information on the VCARD website.

MetaWorld Civil Consulting, LLC is proud to be the primary sponsor of the website. The website is aimed at teaching about and promoting the use of do-it-yourself sustainabiliy projects.

The idea is that we may not all have the funds to change the world, but if we all do a little, and encourage others to do a little, we can collectively make a difference. The website is centers on sharing low-cost, anybody can do it methods.

Being that the main goal of MetaWorld is to better our local communities through sound engineering and sustainable practices, it is a no-brainer that we chose to sponsor.

Make sure to check it out at, or like the new Facebook or Google+ page for the same. It will be the best way know when new things are up.

IAS Vice President

Our Principal Amir Malek serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Iranian American Society of Daytona Beach (IAS).

IAS is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the Iranian culture and to engage in a cross-cultural, educational exchange through literary and social events.

This type of involvement is a great opportunity for our team to be involved in helping to shape Daytona Beach by strengthening it's cultural knowledge.

Additionally, IAS is involved in many acts of service in their local community. Our management team is proud to serve for such a great cause.

For more information, please check out this link for the Iranian AmericanSociety of Daytona Beach website.

ERAU Baseball Sponsors

MetaWorld Civil Consulting is proud to be a sponsor of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Baseball Program. We have a strong commitment to better our communities. Sponsorsing the Eagles in their athletic programs is one way that we keep true to our purpose.

NOOR Film Festival

MetaWorld is a proud sponsor of the 7th Annual Noor Film Festival, with opening ceremony from Persian-American comedian, K-Von. The Noor Film Festival is a program whose organizers had the main purpose of bridging a cultural gap.

The word "NOOR", translates to "light" in Farsci. The fill festival has been shedding "noor" on the differences in culture.

At MetaWorld, we have a strong commitment to better our communities. Sponsorsing the Noor Film Festival is one way that we keep true to our purpose.

Nowruz Festival

MetaWorld is a proud sponsor of the First Annual Persian Festival of the New Year, a.k.a. Nowruz, which will be held in Ormond Beach in March 8, 2015. The Iranian American Society is holding this festival in hopes of sharing with our local community, the New Year tradition of Persians and other ethnic groups throughout the world. Nowruz, which mean New Year (although it literally translates to New Day), is celebrated on the first day of Spring since the early days of Zoroastrianism.

Not only is MetaWorld one of the festival's sponsors, our Principal Amir Malek will be the Ceremony Master. As a part of the program, he will be sharing some history and teaching of traditions surrounding Nowruz; and introducing the meaning of the cultural dances that will be performed.

Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce

MetaWorld is a member of the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Team Lindsay Golf Tournament

MetaWorld Civil Consulting is proud to be a sponsor of the Team Lindsay Charity Golf Tournament at Cyprus Creek Golf Course in Port Orange.

Lindsay Smith is a woman from Port Orange and mother of 2 wonderful boys. She has lived in Volusia County her whole life. When Lindsay was pregnant with her 2nd child, she learned that she had a cancer that needed immediate attention. Being the stand-up mother she is, she chose to risk her life and allow the cancer to progress so that she didn’t have to expose her unborn child to the radiation that would have been her treatment.

Once her child was born, she began intensive treatment and now she needs our support. The golf tournament is one way that the community has rallied together to help her and her family; and we are proud to play a small role.

For more information, please check out this link for the event at on the Cyprus Creek Golf Course website.

CCM Board of Directors

The company's Vice President, Dr. Esmaiel Malek, serves on the Board of Directors for the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Certified Consultant Meteorologists (CCM). As one of less than 1000 consultants certified by the AMS (same people who certify weather anchors), Dr. Malek serves on the board which in addition to furthering their scientific field, chooses who can and can not be certified.

This is a great honor as Dr. Malek is responsible for ensuring that the people who feed the masses information, are doing so in a responsible manner, and certifies that they are people of good will and of sufficient knowledge.

Daytona Beach Land Development Code Rewrite

The primary purpose of this project is to implement the City's recently completed Vision Plan, the updated Comprehensive Plan, and the Redevelopment Area Plans, as well as to update obsolete development standards in the current Land Development Code. Additionally, developers in the past have expressed dissapointment in how difficult it is to interpret the current Code, so the re-write is also intended to bring clarity to the Code.

As a member of VCARD, MetaWorld Civil Consulting is taking part in the review of the Daytona Beach Land Development Code re-write. VCARD's goal is to streamline the development process, so our review and comments are based on this concept. Additionally, we will assist in testing the new code on sample developments. MetaWorld Civil Consulting has also put strong emphasis on adding aspects of the Code which are conducive to sustainable and environmentally responsible development, including development incentives for energy efficient and pollution reducing design.

For more information, please check out the VCARD website, or the New Code Daytona Beach website.

Solar-Fit Renewable Energy Show

On Saturday, June 1, MetaWorld Civil Consulting's management were the guests of Bill Gallagher, President of Solar-Fit, on the Solar Fit Renewable Energy Show.

We had the opportunity to introduce our company and the services we provide. We also took a minute to speak about our backgrounds and some of our goals, and to chat in general.

If you missed the chance to check us out, don't worry. We've provided you the link to the archive below:

Solar Fit Renewable Energy Show with Bill Gallagher