Why MetaWorld Civil

MetaWorld Civil offers our clients many advantages that you just don’t get with other companies, the most important of which are COST, QUALITY and KNOWLEDGE.

We provide Professional Services at a fraction of the cost. One of the biggest drivers of engineering rates is the overhead cost of running the business. These costs include your typical overhead such as office space and equipment, administrative staff and payment of benefits, insurance and taxes. In many companies the overhead costs end up including lost profits on other jobs, billable staff lacking work, unoccupied office space, out of use assets and training of employees due to high turnover rates. Our clients will never be asked to pay higher rates in order to cover the costs of expenses that do not involve their projects.

The MetaWorld Civil project approach provides our clients with piece of mind when it comes to quality as well. All too often in the engineering world, quality gets lost in the chaos of generating profit. The qualified person is out there getting new jobs, while the work is being handed off to trainees without the proper training. Sometimes the project gets passed around from employee to employee, which leaves the last employee working on it without knowledge of the project goals, history and limitations; or why the design is the way it is. Our project managers work through each project task, from beginning to end, without exception. Our engineers perform their own CAD work, thus providing top notch quality.

Our team has over three and a half decades of involvement in the environmental field and almost a decade of experience in land improvement for both public and private entities. We have experience in a multitude of disciplines and in so many capacities related to land management that we have an unrivaled ability to connect several variables together in order to provide the best possible product. That level of knowledge allows us to design and educate with the best management practices in mind; which are environmentally responsible, community favorable and financially beneficial.