Personal Construction Portfolio

Our Portfolio of Personal Construction Projects comes from a wide variety of clients. We have provided signed and sealed engineering projects for many clients including contractors, home owners and condo associations.

We have permitted many home additions, sign installations, solar mounting systems, pool enclosures, etc. We have also performed tasks such as demolition plans, storm water pollution prevention plans, maintenance of traffic plans and wetlands mitigation, amongst other things.


Pioneer Tr. Ditch Piping - Volusia County, FL

This project was for the piping of roughly 400’ feet of roadside swale alongside Pioneer Trail near Venetian Bay in Volusia County, Florida. Our client wanted to modify their existing single entry driveway to have two separate entry ways. This improvement would require permitting with Volusia County, as the roadway is a County Road; and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection because it involved piping an existing waterway for a significant length.

Permitting through the FDEP proved to be a formidable task, as the Department was undergoing turnover and rearrangement of staff. MetaWorld worked through 3 separate reviewers to get the project done. This required persistent follow-up correspondence, as in addition to turnover, Department staff was backlogged with work. None-the-less, our efforts to kept the application review process going and resulted in an expedited permitting process.

A Place for Your Stuff - South Daytona, FL

This project was one in which MetaWorld assisted their client in permitting a system that would alleviate flooding on the site. The site had a permit from the St. John’s River Water Management District (SJRWMD) that was nearly 30 years old. Throughout the years, the drainage characteristics of the site had changed because Nova Road had been expanded and because the Nova and Reed Canals had undergone modifications. One of those modifications involved Reed Canal along the property boundaries, and a berm was created which turned the site into a “bowl”, and made it susceptible to flooding.

We designed a permanent pump system that would kick in before flooding would occur. This required modifying an existing permit with SJRWMD and updating the system such that the flow of stormwater run-off met current standards. Although bringing an existing site to current standards without modifying the pond itself is a difficult task, MetaWorld got the job done.

Surf Shop Sign Rehab - New Smyrna Beach, FL

This project was for the rehabilitation of a coastal business sign which was subject to very challenging restrictions; and by coastal, we mean right on the beach. The existing sign has experienced severe corrosion and had already been reinforced a number of times. Due to the local ordinances, this sign could only be rehabilitated in it's current location, or it would no longer be permitted.

The challenges didn't stop there, however. The existing sign post is extremely close to the building, and as such, the foundation for the sign is actually under the building itself. This meant that the foundation couldn't be replaced without tearing down a portion of the building; which was not only economically impracticle, but would also not qualify as a rehabilitation due to the overall cost of the project. All of this means that the existing pole foundation had to be used as well.

Despite the challenges, MetaWorld Civil Consulting was able to design and permit a system which would use the existing foundation and meet the building code requirements. We were able to achieve this in a very short time period, as the existing sign was extremely unsafe and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. The project is currently scheduled for construction.

Necessary Permits - Florida

MetaWorld Civil Consulting, LLC has been involved in many smaller scale construction projects around the Central Florida Region.

We offer services to many contractors or do-it-yourself clients, who know how to do what they do, but need a seal and signature from a licensed Professional Engineer. For these types of clients, we will review your plans for compliance with building code, and offer suggestions to meet it. When the plans meet code, we will provide signed and sealed construction plans for permitting.

For the clients who know what they want to do, but don't know what to do or what steps they need to take to get it done, we assist the client throughout the process. We act as the client's representative and perform all of the design and permitting tasks (including all of the running around). We keep the client informed each step of the way and provide the client with relevant information when decisions about the project need to be made. We allow the client to have complete control of the project without the hassle of design and permitting.

We have been the Engineer of Record for several of these types of construction projects including flagpole installations, solar installations, sign installations (free-standing or attached to buidlings), quantity take-offs, hydraulic and hydrology models, backyard improvements, and general engineering consulting. Let us help you with your project.

Ground Mounted Solar System - Pearson, FL

This was an exciting project where MetaWorld Civil Consulting, LLC had the opportunity to move towards our long term goals of benefitting our local communities and enhancing our quality of life. Additionally, this was the first solar project permitted by our new company, adding to the fervor.

This particular installation was for a 2.5 kW ground mounted array on a Farm in Volusia County, Florida. The client in this case was particularly concerned about the aesthetic effect that the array would have on their property, and wanted to use a ground mounted system that did not include the typical pole and rack system used for ground mount installations.

As the Engineer of Record, we were able to design an innovative system which would provide maximum efficiency while being no taller than the existing fencing, and meeting the clients aesthetic requirements.

The system is up and running and the client is enjoying their free energy. Additionally, the back-up battery system installed provided the client with power during the recent Volusia County outages.

Shipping Container Barn - Interlachen, FL

This project was for a private client who had wanted to incorporate shipping containers they already owned into the design of their new barn. It was an incredibly fun project for our team to work on, given the passion we have for sustainable development.

Our design involved using the shipping containers for both logistical and structural purposes. The containers significantly reduced the material costs of the project because the weight and structural integrity of the containers allowed them to be used for the anchorage of the barn, reducing the need for large footings, deep pilings and structural walls. The trusses were connected to supporting legs which were fastened to the containers.

With our innovative design, we were able to incorporate the shipping containers as the barn stalls on both sides, allowing for a large open barn space inbetween. Additionally, our design allowed for storage area above the shipping containers, offering more space than your conventional barn.

At the end of the day, our clients were very pleased with their more spacious and less expensive barn. Not only that, but we were also able to recycle large amounts of material without requiring any processing. This was certainly a win-win project.